Elena Nestorova

Elena Nestorova (Finland)Via Live Stream, NCSAC Freefall Festival 2011

Elena Nestorova was born in 1982 in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria and she has been living since 1990 in Finland. She studied at the Art School in Vaasa, Tammerkoski, the Image Artisan, Arts and Crafts Institute of Ikaalinen and Novia University of applied sciences/ Fine Arts Department, Uusikaarlepyy. Her art and gallery exhibitions include the cover art, brochures and posters for Tampere Film Festival’s special program, Album Covers for ‘Gabro & Frankly Irrational, ‘Freepoint Crew’ and Salin Jr among many other notable work, her exhibitions include “Frankin koti” 30 paintings on wood with music as an motive. Club 25 in Vaasa and University of Jyväskylä, the 2010 “Inställning” Group exhibition at Kulturskafferiet (Ritz), Vasa. Paintings on wood, a video installation in collaboration with J. Tarkkanen. more..

Gim Gwang Cheol (Seoul, Korea) Physical Power Plant: The Paper

Information and text on paper are just another unreal, visual, mental image. Everyday, text carves new information to the brain. Language flower is a warning, and the motion that maximizes this can be a sharp knife that cuts off the text. ….(cut)….The artist’s intention is to show and remind using the result from circle form materials and the space between them, and human in device and the functional relationship step by step. more..

Myk Henry (New York / Ireland)

Myk Henry (New York / Ireland)

Myk Henry was born in Dublin, Ireland and moved to Williamsburg in 1986. He quickly became involved in the bohemian art scene and was responsible for organizing many large scale multi-media warehouse extravaganzas during Williamsburg’s pre-gentrification “Golden Era”. Henry was a pioneer of the “immersionist” movement which encouraged the public to touch art and discover their own creative abilities through experimentation.

In 1994 he moved to Geneva, Switzerland where he lived for 10 years and obtained a MFA from L’Ecole des Beaux Arts de Geneve (the school of visual arts) in 2002. He has won many of Switzerland’s top awards for contemporary art. more..

Nyugen Smith

Nyugen Smith (New Jersey)

Nyugen E. Smith was born in Jersey City, NJ in 1976 to a Trinidadian mother and Haitian father. He spent his formative years growing up in his mother’s homeland-a tropical, former British colony where African customs and traditions are still woven in to the cultural fabric. Upon moving back to the United States to live with his mother, he and his brother were often taken to dance performances, art galleries, museums, Jazz concerts, and other cultural events which celebrated Black Heritage. This exposure would later prove itself to have been essential to Smith’s current artistic investigations. more

Non Grata (Estonia)

Non Grata (Estonia)

NON GRATA is a International performance group. To the group belongs around 40 members from Estonia, England, Quebec, Korea, Finland, Latvia, Sweden, Germany, USA, France, Chile. The main characteristics of the members are anonymity in group work, ignorance of local art world and mass media. Group has performed in Asia, Europe and South and North America with chaotic structures, street actions and long lasting “ghetto marathons”.
Around the name NON GRATA there have been different hushes and shushes for a long time. Already from the point of view of death of conventionalization of art it has embodied the horrible and unwanted disembodiment of human person, from which the meaninglessness of nowadays art, is pouring out.
For those, whose world of arts starts from the point, where the art world ends, NON GRATA has been a liberator, the orphic gap in the seemingly unalterable course, which however betrays us, it is a cure from incest. The main point of the group is ethical – it is the image of primitivism, impersonality and experimental creativity. The performances of the group take place according to the logic of avoiding codes. The presentations are physical texts, whose ways of orthography and reading are kept within limits of real actions by the groupmembers. Aesthetical and provocative challenges are represented in places, where the Art World doesn’t work. more

Jim Pirtle (Houston)

Jim Pirtle (Houston)

Jim Pirtle grew up 9000 miles off the coast of Antarcitica… this had little to do with anything…. at age seven he was diagnosed with an incurable disease called Death and doctors gave him only 67.2 years to live…after 19 years of soul searching… he did performance art more

IKA (France)

1KA is an experimental industrial-electro project. Experimental, because it aims to build different ways to create than employing common musical, video and poetry techniques; focusing on process rather than technique, ART BRUT, creating and industrial sound flow, a musical seduction without specific intention towards any audience. Industrial, because it speaks the language of our mass-production addicted society; millions of love songs are the noise of our culture while the chaotic drones of the cities are it’s symphonies. Because of pollution, our electronic way of living; we shall better talk about post-humans rather than humans. Electro, because automation in music and visual arts has changed the status of the “artist” to a sort of observer-selector of machines while embodying Fluxus’ influences such as cinematic art, conceptual art and techno. 1KA covers the field of live music (experimental industrial/ dark trance electro) experimental video installation, sound installation (industrial soundscape/the speech machine) sound performance (the metal dance) and music for performing art/contemporary dance. Influences: Dada, John Cage,Marcel Duchamps,Antonin Artaud, Punk, Italian futurists, Vienna Actionists, Einsturzende Neubauten. Solo performances: Unit-south Korea. Dance on/off-South Korea. Campaign Latus-France. Non Grata- Estonia. VSRK-France more

The Art Guys (Houston)

The Art Guys (Houston)

The Art Guys are Michael Galbreth (b. 1956, Philadelphia) and Jack Massing (b. 1959, Buffalo) who began working together as The Art Guys in 1983 after meeting while students at the University of Houston. Since that time their work has been included in more than 150 exhibitions in museums, alleries and public spaces throughout the United States and in other parts of the world including Europe and China. Additionally, their work has been seen in more than 40 solo exhibitions among which include the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, Tacoma Art Museum, the de Saisset Museum, the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art and the Tampa Museum of Art. more

John Boehme (Canada)

Weaned in the Windansea of La Jolla, California, Boehme attended a variety of boarding schools, graduating from the Army and Navy Academy. John G. Boehme’s early art practice included painting, sculpture, performance video and digital technology, installation and photography. Boehme describes his recent work as “trans-disciplinary” employing performance, video, audio and objects simultaneously. Boehme is not constrained to any particular creative modality. Boehme has exhibited at screenings and festivals across Canada, the Americas, United Kingdom, Europe and China. John lectures at University of Victoria and is a faculty member at Camosun College and Brentwood College School. more

Nestor Topchy (Houston)
Topchy holds a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore (1985) and an MFA in Art from the University of Houston (1987). While in school in Baltimore in 1981, Topchy chanced upon an exhibition of Yves Klein’s IKB work. Topchy credits Klein’s use of a saturated ultramarine blue pigment that represented “the void” as a pivotal discovery. After using this color on spherical sculptures, Topchy realized their connection to Pysanky, the ornately decorated Ukrainian Easter eggs he made in childhood with his mother and grandmother. Following in Klein’s footsteps, Topchy earned a black belt in judo under Karl Geiss, which led to studies in Buddhism and a deeper understanding of his Ukrainian roots and identity as a dual American and Canadian citizen. more..

[caption id="attachment_1087" align="alignnone" width="549"] Natali Leduc (Canada)

The Fotofonotron 3000
With the help of the audience, Natali will demonstrate how to take a photograph with a rotary phone. Please note that no animals will be harmed (nor armed) prior nor during this performance. Natali creates objects and situations as solutions to real and imaginary problems, with a fondness for contraptions and puppet shows that involve fire and real animals. more..

Orion Maxted (Berlin)

Orion Maxted’s work is about the human condition. About living in a world dictated by our own cognition, a world of discreet infinity. In his performance, he questions the root of understanding through an exploration of circular and circuitous inquiry and action. more

Daniel Adame (Houston)

Daniel Adame is a performing and visual artist living and working in Houston. He attended the U of H where he earned his BFA in sculpture. He is currently a dancer with Suchu Dance. His artistic accomplishments include a number of dance, performance, and sculptural works exhibited at Lawndale Art Center, Diverseworks, Jewish Community Center, Hobby Center, Barnevelder, and various other local venues and stages.

Emily Sloan (Houston)

Emily Sloan (Houston)

Internationally unknown artist Emily Sloan is the founding reverend of the Southern Naptist Convention and chief caretaker and curator of The Kenmore exhibition object. Sloan is based out of Houston, Texas, and is relieved the Lone Star Performance Explosion (or LSP Explosion as she prefers to call it), an international performance art biennale, is held in Houston and thus will not spoil her internationally unknown status. more

Rodney Dickson (Northern Ireland) 2011 Mexico City

Rodney Dickson grew up in Belfast, Ireland experiencing the troubles, the violence between England and Northern Ireland, during his youth. He has shown his installations extensively throughout the United States. Since 2000, he has worked with many artists and galleries in Vietnam. more

Rahul Mitra (India / Houston)

Rahul Mitra is an artist, printmaker, photographer, writer, scientist and entrepreneur, born in Hyderabad, India, now living in Houston. Mitra uses visual language drawn from the streets to interpret personal, socio-political dialogues exploring poverty, ennui, custom, love, strangeness, technology, and linguistics captured as moments in life in urban spaces. His current work is focused on the Dialogues of Civilizations – a study of cultures and their common problems when time, space and contextual references are removed. more

Jill Pangallo (New York)

Jill Pangallo (New York)

Jill Pangallo is is an artist best known for her funny and disturbing works that deal with identity and mass culture. Born in Baltimore and raised in Southern California, Pangallo received a BFA in Communication Design from Parsons School of Design and a BA in Psychology from Eugene Lang College. In the years following, she spent her days working at a major advertising firm in New York City and her nights performing on the downtown club and cabaret circuit. In the fall of 2005, Jill relocated to Austin to pursue an MFA in studio art at the University of Texas, which she received in May of 2008. more

Julia Wallace (Houston) “Dr. Pepper” featured in Wayne Dolcefino’s crackdown on Houston’s art spending.

Julia Claire Wallace is a Houston-based Artist that works in a variety of media, such as performance, video, social practice, spoken word, painting and writing. She grew up in Houston and received her BFA in painting from the University of Houston in 2009. She served as a facilitator to Performance Art Lab and was one of the founding members of their geurilla flash dance project sexyATTACK. She is the creator and curator of Houston’s notorious Performance Art Night, an event that strengthened the growing performance art scene in Houston. Her personal art often explores spirituality, sexuality, desire and the awkward spaces between human beings. It is a mixture of sensationalism, sincerity, shock and intimacy. She currently co-facilitates Continuum, a Houston based performance art group. Her performances have been featured at DiverseWorks, Notsuoh, Spacetaker, Austin’s Co-lab and Leipzig, Germany’s performance art festival, Blauverschiebung more..

Jonatan Lopez (Houston)

Jonatan Lopez (Houston)

Jonatan Lopez is an interdisciplinary artist residing in Houston. His works examine issues of debate within social and personal realms, often using empirical observation as research method. His performances and installations become surveys and social experiments that open valuable community discussion. Jonatan has exhibited and performed in numerous venues in Houston, from alternative art spaces like Project Row Houses, DiverseWorks and Box 13 ArtSpace to more traditional venues like Bayou City Art Festival. The Houston Press has called Jonatan’s works “Provocative, transgressive and irresistible in morbid detail.” Jonatan currently co-facilitates the Houston performance art group Continuum with artist Julia Wallace. more

Nancy Douthey (Houston) as Tammy Faye

Nancy Douthey was born in Fort Worth, TX in the year of the horse, 1978 and currently lives and works in Houston, TX. She received her MFA in Interdisciplinary Practice and Emerging Forms from the University of Houston in 2010. In addition, she has been an associate artist in residence at the Atlantic Center for the Arts working under the guidance of ACA Master playwright and performer Heather Woodbury. She has exhibited work at Texas Gallery, Houston, TX, Reed College, Portland, OR, Clemson University, Clemson, SC and Ohio University, Athens, OH. She is a founding member of the collective Performance Art Lab and has recently been awarded the Liz Alexander Visual Arts Award from the Houston Arts Alliance. more..

Daniel-Kayne (Houston)

Daniel-Kayne (Houston)

Born on August 6, 1968, in the Gulf Coast town of Liberty, Texas, Daniel-Kayne’s artistic roots began in a family with a long history of ranchers and farmers in a hands-on environment where he was always creating, building or learning.  His brother, cousins and he played out what was a Huckleberry Finn-like childhood along the Trinity River. They were explorers, scientists and hunters. … Fishing, camping and climbing trees in the middle of dense woods and hiking the marshes around their Texas homes.  It was here that he began to build special spaces or his “personal sanctuaries”, which would much later in lift appear in his art again.  His step father, bother and he built their own two story wood home on the family land, and as he grew older, whether it was carpentry or other projects, Kayne’s fascination with the act of creating ignited an insatiable passion for what was to become his career as an artist. more

Patrick Lichty (Chicago) Secondfront.org

Second Front is the first performance art group in the online virtual world of Second Life. Founded in 2006, Second Front quickly grew to its current seven-member troupe that includes Gazira Babeli (Italy), Yael Gilks (London), Bibbe Hansen (New York), Doug Jarvis (Victoria), Scott Kildall (San Francisco), Patrick Lichty (Chicago) and Liz Solo (St. Johns).
Second Front has performed extensively both in-world and in galleries and museums. Though the artists perform remotely their performances have been shown live in New York, Los Angeles, Moscow, Brussels, Berlin, Vancouver and many other cities. The group has been written about in publications including ArtForum, Art in America, Realtime Arts (Australia), Exibart (Italy) and Digital Art, Second Edition (by Christiane Paul). more…

Ville-Karel (Estonia) VIA LIVESTREAM

Ville-Karel (Estonia) VIA LIVESTREAM

Ville-Karel Viirelaid is an artist and curator on the field of contemporary art, focused on interdiciplinary and alternative practices. The founder, manager and artistic director of artist group CnOPT, which is reknown for the radical actions and so called „magic-realistic“ performance art since 2005. Ville-Karel is also art writer – published art critics in dayly newspaper „Pärnu Postimees“ and cultural paper „Sirp“. Established and run alternative art spaces and curated music and performance events; Pärnu International Film- and Videofestival (2004;2007;2011) and art exhibitions including Estonian Art Academy and Academia Non Grata student exhibitions. more

Marcus Vinicius (Brazil) VIA LIVE STREAM

Marcus Vinicius (Brazil) VIA LIVE STREAM

Marcus Vinícius (Vitória, 1985) is artist, researcher and independent curator. Graduated in Visual Arts (Performance) at Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo (UFES). Currently concluding post graduation studies in Latin America Contemporary Art at Universidad Nacional de La Plata (UNLP). Since 2004, has made exchange projects, production and research in contemporary art with an emphasis into performance/action art. Coordinates the LAP!: Laboratorio de Acción y Performance. Regularly publishes essays specializing in contemporary art for local and international publications such Escáner Cultural (Chile) and Tatuí (Brasil), as well giving lectures and workshops on events in Brazil, Argentina and Colombia. more

the goose a prisoner

the goose a prisoner is a shadow of a strangulation. Odysseus’s sadness as he tried to embrace the shade of his mother–hugs in Hades are impossible. Had he known that violence is what allows us to seize the phantasms of our dead loves, perhaps he would have been more Oedipal with his mother’s ghost.
transplanted into the bowels of New York from the carcass of Houston, the goose a prisoner, though immaterial, is unable to escape the tight grip of a chokehold that is self-administered. when shade meets shade, materiality emerges.

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