Rahul Mitra ( India/Houston)

Rahul Mitra at AvantGarden

Artist, printmaker, photographer, writer, scientist and entrepreneur, born in Hyderabad, India, now living in Houston. Mitra uses visual language drawn from the streets to interpret personal, socio-political dialogues exploring poverty, ennui, custom, love, strangeness, technology, and linguistics captured as moments in life in urban spaces. His current work is focused on the Dialogues of Civilizations – a study of cultures and their common problems when time, space and contextual references are removed.

Rahul Mitra with Non Grata at AvantGarden, photo courtesy Alex Barber

Rahul Mitra with Non Grata at AvantGarden, photo courtesy Alex Barber

Rahul Mitra (Houston)

Rahul Mitra is doing street art projects in Delhi, India; Houston; Paris and Berlin in 2012. The current performance is Culinary Street Art from Rahul’s experiences on the streets of Delhi. He will be making Seekh Kababs.

His linocuts, drawings and paintings have been exhibited 47 exhibitions in USA, Paris, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Peru, Mexico and India in the last 3 and half years. He is one of the selected artists at the First Printmaking Triennial of ULUS in Serbia and Texas Biennial, 2011; India Art Fair 2012.

He has also been instrumental in bringing the first contemporary Indian Art exhibition to Houston and curated a show of 34 Houston artists in India. His stories have been published in literary journals, US and UK. He is active in the Houston and International art scene and now also writes for the Visual Art Source, an online art magazine.